Sales and Operations Planning — 2 days (residential)

Available as a public course and as a tailored, in-house programme

Sales and Operations Planning (“S&OP”) is a powerful way for senior management to co ordinate activities across the different functions of a business. It is a highly effective route for translating strategy and board-level policies into practical action.

Applied effectively, it can lead to major improvements in key performance measures, including: profitability, cash flow, customer service, working capital requirements and return on capital. This course explains how to put S&OP into practice.

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Who Will Benefit?

This course is suitable for anyone who participates in the S&OP process, or is likely to do so, including: executive directors and senior managers; sales, marketing and operations professionals and analysts; IT and business process support staff.

What Will The Course Cover?

  • the role and objectives of S&OP
  • the place of S&OP within the overall planning and control framework
  • the decisions that S&OP should address
  • how to design an S&OP process and structure to fit your business, including:
    • participants and their roles
    • product families and groupings
    • planning horizons
    • stages in the S&OP cycle
    • inputs and outputs
    • performance measures
  • leadership and behavioural requirements for success
  • key analysis and modelling techniques
  • implementation

What Will Delegates Gain?

The course is designed to provide delegates with an understanding of:

  • how S&OP can be used to make major improvements in business performance;
  • how S&OP works and the steps involved in implementing it;
  • their own role in a successful S&OP process.

Dates and Venues

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£1,040 + VAT including 1 night's accommodation