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About MML

glass blowing

Since 1983 MML has provided world class education, advice, consultancy and training to companies around the World. We have worked with clients creating products that are used everywhere; under the sea, under the ground, all over the surface of the planet to the fringes of outer space.

Our claim is that we begin by listening to the clients’ needs to help us to work together to create solutions that really work for them. From high volume Pharmaceuticals to one-off projects we have helped clients improve delivery, reduce costs and build quality into their products and methods of working.

In all of our endeavours, we strive to balance the needs of the enterprise, individuals working within it and the customers or public it serves.

How we work

We work with a broad range of enterprises in both industry and service sectors. Our aim is to help you to improve your results by working in a range of ways:

  • we act as consultants to help you to analyse current situations
  • we help you to make choices about which way to go forward
  • we help you to create new and improved business processes
  • we educate and train your people at all levels to take on the new challenges
  • we work with you throughout any change project to make sure that results are delivered
  • we help you to see where further opportunities may lie for even greater benefits.