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Bespak - Process Improvement and SAP Implementation Support

To implement a major manufacturing IT system is tough, to complete it in less than twelve months is a major task. However that is exactly what Bespak Europe Limited did. They wanted to implement SAP in less than nine months from start to finish. This required system specification, hardware installation, training and testing of each module. Bespak had decided to use ASAP as their methodology, a proven and tested process in the US but a first for the UK.

Bespak is a Drug Delivery Company with customers such as GlaxoSmithKline, Schering and IVAX (Formerly Norton Healthcare) to name a few. They are all very demanding customers. They required full traceability on all products and the materials used to make them. In addition, they have exacting standards of quality and, of course, demand deliveries on time to the day, on short lead times.

MML was part of a larger team tasked with delivering the implementation. We were specifically asked to focus on the GSK Diskus(tm) product, which is manufactured in a purpose built facility capable of operating 7 days week 24 hours a day. Through supporting the Diskus(tm) team MML was able to guide the development of the business process and SAP system specification for this product group, helping the team to define the associated operational controls. We also identified specific training requirements and assisted in designing the shopfloor workflow for the real time data collection system.

During the final weeks leading up to the go-live date MML provided hands-on coaching, advising the team on the design of documents and the outputs required to manage the day to day performance monitoring, helping to guide them through the pitfalls and realise the benefits of SAP. The system went live across a single weekend, with manufacturing commencing during the following Monday and shipments being made to the customer two days after going live, (a major stipulation by the customer).

The MML approach, using a combination of practical hands-on experience, a thorough understanding of the theory underlying best practice and sound consulting skills enabled us to enhance the capability of the Bespak team. We had been able to transfer knowledge and ability to their staff. Enhancing their understanding and ability had enabled them to deliver a successful implementation, on time and to budget. More importantly, our approach had embedded much of that new learning. Although we continued to provide back up during the three weeks following the cut-over, the business has continued to improve its use of SAP and deliver improvements without out further support.

In the 24 months since implementation production volumes more than doubled, with the system handling in excess of 10,000 real time data transactions per day with an error rate of less than 25 per day. 2.1 million components are manufactured each day, barcode traceable and fully documented and over 150,000 assemblies are completed for daily delivery. With this increased volume, Bespak achieved on time in full deliveries at an average of 98% to the day, with stock accuracy at 90% and just 11 days stock.