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Creating High Performing Teams - 3 days (residential)

Available as a public course and as a tailored, in-house programme

What turns a group or a department into a team that can perform at a high level? What does it take for people from disparate areas of the business to work together and deliver outstanding results? This course provides transformational insights into the nature of teamwork, helping unlock the potential that cannot be delivered by individuals working in a group. 

This course helps those who want to understand teamwork and to participate in high performing teams in or outside their business. It is aimed at businesses or individuals who recognise and have a passion for bringing about positive change through teamwork.

This course provides clear, practical lessons, with guidance to help create, inspire and lead high performing teams. Participants learn what teamwork is, the attitudes and behaviours that help teams to perform, and the language to support and empower a high performing team. 

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Who Will Benefit?

Anyone who wishes to lead or participate in teams in an empowered and empowering way. Companies that wish to use teamwork to lead the business through change and growth.  

What Will The Course Cover?

  • What a team is and why it is different from a group
  • Trust and integrity - the currency of high performing teams
  • The individual voice and the team voice
  • The value of difference
  • What teams can achieve that groups can't
  • Building a team vision
  • Creating a team identity and charter
  • Focusing on high leverage activities
  • First steps in creating and inspiring a team

What Will Delegates Gain?

The course is designed to provide delegates with:

  • a usable, practical model of high performance teamwork
  • an understanding of team communication
  • the means to value and embrace - not just tolerate - difference
  • tools to create team identity
  • the means to identify, focus and execute critical activities

Dates and Venues

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£1,620 + VAT including 2 nights' accommodation