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Personal Effectiveness — 3 days (residential)

Available as a public course and as a tailored, in-house programme

This course is designed to inspire individuals to transform the way they work and live. It starts by recognisiing the key difference between being efficient and being truly effective, then expands on how truly effective people achieve that. When fully embraced, the lessons of this course are life-changing for the individual and provide a foundation stone for change in the wider business. This programme is led by Derek Small who has worked internationally in the field of Personal Effectiveness with business both large and small, NGO’s and Local Government. 

It is aimed at businesses or individuals wishing to develop, grow and nurture the personal skills necessary to operate effectively in the workplace and in their wider lives.

The course provides clear, practical lessons, with guidance to improve personal effectiveness straightaway. It sets out how to work with others, moving towards your own objectives, while recognising and respecting the need for others to do the same. It provides tools and methods to help you to understand and influence through really effective communication. 

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Who Will Benefit?

Everyone - starting with yourself! It is especially important for those who wish to lead teams or groups in an empowered and empowering way and for companies that wish to develop individuals to lead the business through change and growth.

What Will The Course Cover?

  • Being the change you want to see
  • What drives our behaviour?
  • Me, us, we and I...
  • The key relationships
  • Mapping new ways
  • Active control and influence
  • Managing and prioritising use of your time
  • Making mutual benefit a way of life
  • Communicating brilliantly
  • Keeping "fit for purpose"

What Will Delegates Gain?

The course is designed to provide delegates with:

  • insight and understanding of their own behaviour
  • effective ways to work with others
  • communications, listening and influencing skills
  • tools to prioritise, act and make decisions

Dates and Venues

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£1,620 + VAT including 2 nights' accommodation